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How unique are the visitors?

All visitors are 24 hour unique, so rest assured your campaign will not be shown to the same person over and over again. Although we cannot guarantee they will be full campaign unique, visitors very rarely revisit the same site over the course of the campaign, so it is likely to be campaign unique also.

How targeted are the visitors?

If you choose the "bulk traffic" , your visitors will be targeted only by country. With our targeted traffic, however, there are 150+ categories to choose from! Casino and adult traffic also have their own sub-categories, at no extra cost.

Are these real visitors or just "bots" from proxies?

Our visitors are entirely real, genuine people.

What kind of advertising is this? Where do the visitors come from?

This is called redirected, expired domain traffic. The visitors are redirected from previously owned sites, to your website.

What makes this a good form of advertising?

Since running costs for us are relatively low, prices are cheap. Not only are visitors cheap, but they will see your site in a full window. Not just as a small popup, or small, like a banner advertisement, but the active window they are surfing on!

What does "CPM" stand for?

CPM is the advertising term for "cost per mil" - ie. Cost per thousand visitors.

How many visitors should I buy?

To see good results, you should buy at least 10,000 visitors, our smallest package. We suggest you start of with this to sample the campaign effectiveness, and if all goes well, you buy from us in larger quantities from us for reduced rates.

How do I get better prices?

The more visitors you buy at a time, the cheaper it gets! You can see the CPM decrease as you select more visitors.

How long does it take to set up the campaign?

We will endeavour to begin the campaign within 24 hours, although it can take as long as 48 hours.

Can I track my campaign's progress?

Yes, we provide a full control panel so you can monitor your advertising campaign.

How long does it take for traffic to be delivered?

The standard time is 30 days, although you can choose to make it 7 days (extra $1.00 CPM), or delay it to 60 days at no extra cost.
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